1. PreCourse: Mind to Mind Communication

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This is a must have if you're interested in taking any of the Mind to Mind classes. It has everything you need to create a good space to start your psychic work.

This set comes with three hypnosis/guided meditation downloads (you have to go get them~the codes are included), class introduction audio, instructions, affirmations and all the journal and worksheets that you'll need for each Mind to Mind class. It's a 1. Pre-Course to all of the individual classes. Be sure to get the 2. Communicating Mind to Mind eCourse. It'll clear your blocks, help you keep your energy clear and set you up for success. 

Have fun!

There's a total of  73 (.jpeg) pages

All of the Mind to Mind Communication classes [here] teach technique. Take notes with each and every class. They are short and chocked-full of information. Follow the Directions. Listen to them more than once and Practice, Practice, Practice! Have Fun! 

Interested In Weekly Classes? Click here to take the free 7 week summer psychic course.

Other [helpful] Links:

Read this and watch the video. It will help tremendously:
Mind To Mind Communication & Time

Downloads you need in the pre-course:
Psychic Set Up Audio
Stress Less Set
A Delicate Conscience Guided Meditation

Articles Needed in the pre-course:
Hypnosis and The Mind
Common Questions about Hypnosis

Click below use your Coupon code:
Body, Mind & Soul

Helful Articles:
Your Spirit Guides
Getting Answers from Your Spirit Guides

Recommended eCourses:
Manifesting Pre-Course
Communicating Mind to Mind

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