Please enjoy this short Journaling to ______ Class Set introduction video. This is a great way to decide if these types classes are right for you. Happy Listening!
If you're doing any manifesting, at all, take this course. You can use it every time you set a new goal or manifestation. It will help you fine-tune what you're creating, check your goals (and your future/futures) and get any questions answered.
This is a great set to go with any of the other classes you are taking. It comes with instructions, worksheets and affirmations. 42 pages Happy Color Manifesting!
We have a plethora of manifesting exercises and classes that complement your journaling exercises. Our affirmation image eBooks are always free. Download some today!
Get out of the house and go have some fun! If you've ever stopped yourself from doing anything because you have been self-conscious or felt bad about the way you look, this session was made for you!
$4.95 $20.95
If you're an affirmation lover, or want to be, this class is for you! If you need to change your thinking, about anything, take this class. It's good for anything that you're working on. If you can think it, you can create it; makes it simple and easy.
Making Change Easy (The Complete Set): This set comes with an audio download and a fabulous journaling and affirmation set. It's everything you need for any transition in any aspect of your life. Enjoy!
Happy Fall Manifesting! This is a wonderful set to help you get centered and focused on creating time for yourself this Fall.
$4.95 $19.95
Get Manifesting! This is a fabulous set for you to take just a few minutes each day to create the life that you want. This is a great year!
$0.00 $80.80
What a wonderful way to ensure that this year is a great year! It makes it so easy to listen to a guided meditation, creative visualization, or a hypnosis session every day. Have fun!
$0.00 $81.80
Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to leap into the future, see what's coming and choose what you want to 'keep' and what you want to change? Well, You're in luck! That's what this download does. You'll pop in four years from now and see your future.
This is a great set to get (and keep you) focused on your goals. You'll get two sessions: one that helps you set your intention for the day and the other programs you to accomplish all of your goals!
$4.95 $20.95
Happy Winter! Make this a great season. This image eBook goes beautifully with the Snow Day Set. You'll focus on taking care of yourself this Winter and enjoying your time. Have Fun!
Happy Peace Day! These super cute activity sheets and memes go wonderfully with all of our International Peace Day classes. The worksheets and memes included in the other courses are different than the ones in this 18 page eBook. Happy Celebrating!
Celebrate Peace Day with like minded people who want to spread peace to the world! This is a wonderful set to help you find, feel, and share peace. No experience necessary, everything you need is included. :) Enjoy!
$4.95 $19.95
This lovely set gets you in the mood to journal. You can use this for whatever you're working on in your life. The beautiful scripted background soothes you and helps you unleash your creativity. :) Enjoy!
Large Text Journaling to _____ Positive Affirmations! This eBook has one set of well-centered, clear affirmation images in dark, large font. They're super easy to read! 39 pgs
This 115 page set is a great way to get yourself into the habit of using your affirmations and journaling daily. These are the same [wording] as the other Journaling to _____ Positive Affirmations. Enjoy!
This is the complete Journaling to ____ class(es) set up and instructions. Please enjoy this complimentary set. It accompanies all of the classes in this [Journaling to _____] section.
This is such a great session. You'll see what's coming in a year (1,3,6 & 9 months, too) and be able to plan and change anything that you need to. This is great way to make sure you're heading down the paths that..
Leap forward in your life! Start creating what you want for the future [you] now. This set was inspired by Leap Year. You'll have exercises and journaling that sets you up for success for the next four years. Super Fun! Includes an audio & 105 pg eBook
This set is everything you need to journal your way to creating the life you have always wanted. Happy Manifesting!
This is a fabulous class that helps you sort out your goals, get you in-tune with yourself and reinforce that every decision that you make is a decision that's leading you to your goals. Happy Manifesting!
Make your Life Beautiful. This set has everything you need to completely overhaul your life or just enhance it. This is a great manifesting package for the beginner or the advanced creator. If beauty suits you, you'll absolutely love this.
Make this your best year ever! You can use these downloads (this class) all year ~ every year. Just re-do your goals and your journaling. The downloads will work (be applicable) for each and every year.
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