Complete Making Change Easy Journaling Set

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This set comes with an audio download and a fabulous journaling and affirmation set. It's everything you need for any transition in any aspect of your life. Enjoy! 

Making Change Easy Meditation
This black board helps to erase and eliminate any negative thoughts about change...Any changes in your life. You'll flow with change easily and adapt to your circumstances beautifully. Change CAN be and easy transition. this is great for negative thinkers and anyone who tends to lean on the worried side of life.

Making the Change Easy eBook
If you're a journaler, you'll love this. This 296 page eBook gets you in-tune with yourself, guides you to use your natural self reflective tendencies and puts them to good use. You'll be amazed how much this helps you, in every aspect of your life. 

This set has an additional 25+ affirmations that are not included in the other Change is Easy Affirmation and Diary Sets.

The Complete Set includes:

2 Affirmation Image eBooks

Affirmation Diary

Beginning of the Month Journaling Exercises

End of the Month Journaling Exercises

Moving Forward Journaling

Change is Easy Journaling and Exercises

Download the Example to get a list of what's included. Enjoy!


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