This just a short and sweet explanation of hypnosis, how to use all of the downloads, and a couple pictures of me so you know who you're listening to. ;) Enjoy!
This 28 page eBook walks you through how to best use all of your positive affirmations and your diary pages. Happy Thinking!
You have access to all of the information you could ever imagine. You have the answers to every question that you can come up with. And, you want to give it to you... The Key: Asking the question correctly, so that you get your desired outcome.
$9.95 $19.95
Unlimited Streaming for our DIY Downloads and Guided Meditations. Join one of our Monthly Clubs. There's a free 24 hour trial for our Hypnosis and Meditation of the Month Clubs. And the Just for Kids Club has a 3 day trial period. Enjoy!
This newsletter is written and published at the beginning of every month. Sign-up if you prefer to be notified by email when it's released. This is the only newsletter that does all of the announcements from Spiritual Answers and Solutions com.
These are all of the forms and instructions you'll need if you sign up for one or more of our coaching programs. Enjoy!
Sometimes we all need a bit of guidance. Everything in here works... The key is to figure out what you need. You'll get your questions answered and get a list of what to listen to to keep you on track with all of your goals.
If you like manifesting, positive thinking and being, Spiritual and psychic stuff, you'll love all of the eCourses we offer. You'll get a brief audio description when you check-out this product. All of these classes are complete unto themselves. Enjoy!
Happy Earth Day! is a guided meditation to help restore balance to the planet. No experience necessary. It's a great introduction to creative visualization and Spiritual Light. It's on sale because everyday should be Earth Day :)
$4.95 $19.95
This is a great way to get your kids to use their Spiritual Light. It walks them trough the process, helps them find and expand their Spiritual Light and teaches them how to send it to anything and everyone.
$4.95 $19.95
We all need a bit of guidance sometimes. This download leads into that part of you that can get you the answers that you seek and the help that you need. It's on sale because we all need a little help sometimes. :)
$10.95 $15.95
This is a wonderful way to celebrate Peace Day! You'll increase peace in yourself and out to the world. This session includes a lovely meme with hashtag so that you can use it on social media. It's on sale because everyday should be Peace Day :)
$4.95 $19.95
The Newsletter Living Lightly is designed to do just that… to remind us to live in a Light state of mind; to enjoy our lives and take things lightly. It's made to brighten your day~to prompt those enlightened moments. *Add to Cart at Checkout
We have a plethora of complimentary affirmation eBooks that complement and accompany all of the downloads in our various shops. The videos are for your convenience to pick your affirmation for the day/evening. Enjoy!
This complimentary audio session accompanies [reinforces and helps you with] your affirmation and diary entries and exercises. Only download and listen to this if you're using the affirmation diary sets. Enjoy!
Join us for intuition and self-help exercises, psychic ability training and mini-manifesting classes. You'll find excerpts from the diary entries [themselves] along with all types of journaling and goal setting tips and hints.
This class is created to help you send someone a message. If you need to tell someone to pick up something from the store, to remember this or that, to come back or come home... this class will work great. It's super fun and makes everything simpler. Enjo
$3.95 $19.95
This 22 min download sets you up to communicate mind to mind. It makes it simple and easy for all of your mind to mind work. How Fun! You may listen to this as much as you like. Enjoy!
$9.95 $19.95
Please download the short introduction to our complimentary Soothing Sounds Line. Happy Listening!
Sometimes beginning again can be challenging~in any aspect of your life. This download helps you get back on your feet, get your thinking clear and gives you the energy you need to start over with anything in your life.
$3.95 $19.95
This download removes the 'power' negative people have/had over you. You'll never have to worry about someone's 'bad' attitude affecting your mood or mind-frame ever again. Yay! Happy Living :)
$3.95 $19.95
Enjoy feeling grateful! This set is on sale because everyone should feel appreciated!
$9.95 $20.95
Say good-bye to last year and prepare yourself to have the best year ever! You'll wrap up everything you need to, remove any blocks, get messages and set yourself up for what you want. Happy New Year to You!
$0.00 $20.95
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