Stop Letting Negative People Affect You

$19.95 $3.95
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This download removes the 'power' negative people have/had over you. You'll never have to worry about someone's 'bad' attitude affecting your mood or mind-frame ever again. Yay! Happy Living :)

 Be sure to get the Create your Life with Light Introduction class. This download does not come with any worksheets.It does come with a complimentary set of 14 memes and positive images that help you stay focused on you and keep you inspired. Enjoy! 

*Sale Price due to 'interference' in the recording.* There's a few glitchy 'beeps' ~ You actually may not even notice them. If you'll fixate on this, do not buy this download. If you're easy going about it, Have fun and enjoy this at a super low price! ;)


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