My Beautiful Life Set

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Make your Life Beautiful. This set has everything you need to completely overhaul your life or just enhance it. This is a great manifesting package for the beginner or the advanced creator. If beauty suits you, you'll absolutely love this.

This set comes with 3 audio downloads and a 200 page eBook: Instructions and examples, journaling section and one set of affirmations. It walks you through all of the downloads and helps you create your life step by step.

The 3 Audio downloads: one for anytime, one to erase and replace your old or negative programming (and replace them with what you want) and one to put you to sleep.

This set is all inclusive and good for teenagers and adults. Be sure to download some of the complementary affirmation diary sets and/or the bookmarks and backgrounds. The more you see, hear and think about how beautiful your life is, the more you'll increase the power of it.

Happy Beautifying! 

We have a plethora of matching backgrounds, affirmations, affirmation and diary sets and note papers. Visit My Beautiful Life Manifesting today!

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