Focus on the Good

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This download helps you clear away all other thoughts and feelings so that you are able to [naturally] focus on the good: in yourself, those around you and in your life and the world.

You may use this anytime that you notice that are getting negative or disheartened. You'll 'get the message' of why you feel icky, have a greater deeper understanding of yourself and Spirit in your life, get the guidance that you need at the time and have the motivation to make the necessary changes to stop these feelings (messengers) from returning. You'll make the decision, at a deep inner level, to focus on the good~right here and now. You'll awake feeling refreshed with a great attitude and your mind... focused on the good! Enjoy!

This download does not come with any worksheets. Have your journal ready for any messages that you receive and please download the complimentary eBook in the What's the Message? Class Series. 

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