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If you're an affirmation lover, or want to be, this class is for you! Affirmations work on the conscious level of you, this class does the subconscious. It's about getting all parts of you into alignment and making using and saying affirmations automatic. If you need to change your thinking, about anything, take this class. It's good for anything that you're working on. If you can think it, you can create it. This course makes it simple and easy.

The complete Set comes with a 144 page eBook and three audio downloads.

The eBook hasinstructions for your class, journal pages for your guided meditation, affirmations, affirmation diary pages and affirmation journaling pages. 

Get [download] the free sample- it has the list of what's included.

Positive Programming: You can use this whenever you want to. You can use it to go to sleep or move yourself into deep meditation or wake yourself up full of energy. It increases the effectiveness of the affirmations you are using, tunes you into your Higher Self and gets you motivated and excited about creating the life you desire.

Guided Meditation: This download helps you to 'see' what you are creating, erase and change any thoughts or habits that you want to and put in [your mind] what you want to be thinking and feeling, answers your questions [from your Higher Self and subconscious mind] and reminds you that you have everything you need inside of you to create the life that you've been dreaming of.

Bonus Audio: This one is programming you to do your affirmations and affirmation diary entries. It's considered bonus because it's only for people who use the positive affirmation diary sets. You don't need this one to make anything else work. It's just simply a nice addiction to your download repertoire. The class comes with a mini set of affirmations and diary pages so that you can try them and the download together to decide if it's something you like. If you'd like to download [just] this audio, click here.

Happy Affirming!

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