Best Summer: Get To The Beach!

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Get out of the house and go have some fun! If you've ever stopped yourself from doing anything because you have been self-conscious or felt bad about the way you look, this session was made for you!

This session gets you out of your head and back in the moment. It focuses on everything from a fun night out to long vacations. You'll want to get up and go do things. You'll pick the right clothes, say nice things to yourself, and be open to all different types of events. Don't worry, you won't do anything that you don't want to. You will, however, go and do those things that you always wished that you could. No more fixating on the way you look or your body shape and size: It's time for you to enjoy your life!

Includes a bonus reprogramming audio: Thoughts About The Way I Look Reprogramming. It's short but works wonders if you have any blocks! Enjoy! (This audio is not sold separately.)

Be sure to get some of the complementary paper sets that match this class. They're super cute and they're perfect for your manifesting! Have fun!

Check the sounds; this download is part of the Soothing Sounds Line. Click the sample button to be sure that you like the sounds in the background.

This session is on sale because everyone should be able to go out and have fun and feel great in their body!

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