Magick Book Manifesting Set

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This set is everything you need to journal your way to creating the life you have always wanted. Happy Manifesting!

This set comes with one audio download and 2 eBooks. Yay!

Magick Book Audio
Write it down and make it happen... Use this download for one goal at at time. Be very thoughtful ~ whatever you put into this book comes into fruition. 
Please Save This Link: The Magick Book Download Manifesting & Writing Instructions

Magick Book eBook
This is your Magick Book! It has instructions for writing everything out, help and instructions for how to use this best, journaling pages and exercises, affirmations and a matching affirmation diary. If you were nervous about writing anything out~ this fixes it. It walks you through step by step and gives you all of the 'rules' you need so that you are able to create exactly what you want! 64 pages

Manifesting eBook & Positive Intention Exercise & Journal
This 10 page eBook comes with all of the manifesting packages. It has a few tips and hints about manifesting, using your downloads and links to helpful information.
The 24 page Positive Intention Exercise and Journal is a short and sweet manifest now exercise that you can use everyday or just when you're working on something specific. It's great. Have fun!

If you'd like to get the download separately or already have it and just need to eBooks, please visit Making Magick Happen.

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