Positive Affirmations: Light the Earth Video Set

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These Positive Affirmation Videos complement all of the Light the Earth Classes.
This is a great way to pick your affirmation for the day!

This set comes with tthree videos. There's Nature sounds (Birds in the Forest), one with Nature sounds and music (Ocean Dreams) and one with music only (Magickal Lands). The Ocean Dreams is quite long and is great for helping your little ones or and/sending Light while it's playing in the background. 

The affirmations are the same but the sounds in the background are different. Click on the samples to hear the choices.


All the Light the Earth (found at Changes Made Easy .com) products remind us how important we are to the planet. You can help spread the word that Spiritual Light can restore balance… to our planet, our bodies and throughout our lives. Click here to visit the site

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