I Miss You

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It's so important for people (and pets!) to know that we miss them. It's such a comforting thought and feeling. This class helps you to connect with that person and let them know that you're missing them.

This is one of the more challenging classes. It's absolutely worth it, though. Be prepared to practice! You'll be very happy and, probably pretty amazed, by your results once you get it. 

If you want to contact a person or a pet from/on The Other Side, please go to Making Magic Happen. Do not use this class/download to contact the Spirit World.



*When you purchase this product: You'll get a coupon for the Mind, Body Soul Shop (for 15% off your total order) for downloads that surrort this class. Be sure to peruse the Emotions Section ~ there's some great stuff in there that can help you clear everything out so that you can connect mind to mind easily. Happy Shopping! 

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