Come See Me

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This class is so helpful in regular, everyday life. It's great for calling someone down the hall or from another room. It's so much easier than yelling or searching for someone. You [simply] tell them in your mind to come see you and ... Voila! They show up. Yay! Easy Peasy. 

This class goes great with the Call Me and Come Visit Me classes. This is for people that you have seen before and can, have or do pop in from time to time. You need to be able to picture them stopping by. If you do not have any memories of this or have never met the person you want to contact, use the Call Me or Come Visit Me class instead.

This download comes with [audio] instructions and a guided meditation to help you. Get the Communicating Mind to Mind Pre-Course. The worksheets you need are included in it. Have fun!  


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