This download helps you connect with your missing pet. You'll communicate with them mind to mind, help them get home and get your questions answered. <3 Sending you Light in this trying time. Appx 20 min
This is a wonderful guided meditation to help you build your Reiki business! You'll move into your mind, relax your body and get the guidance, answers, and creative inspiration that you've been craving. Have Fun!
This 102 page set is a great way to get yourself into the habit of using your affirmations and journaling. These are the same as the other Listening to your Emotions Sets. Each are a little different. The affirmations are the same. Enjoy!
If you want someone to call you... This class is for you! After taking this (and doing the download) you'll be able to get anyone to call you anytime! It's so much easier than picking up the phone or even sending a text!
Focus on doing what you love! You'll open up your heart chakra and magnetize clients to you. You can listen to this download any and every time you need or want clients.
This download helps you stop those persistent thoughts that you want out of your mind. You'll change the negatives into positives. You choose what you want to think and stop those thoughts from playing over and over in your mind.
If you're an affirmation lover, or want to be, this class is for you! If you need to change your thinking, about anything, take this class. It's good for anything that you're working on. If you can think it, you can create it; makes it simple and easy.
This newsletter is written and published at the beginning of every month. Sign-up if you prefer to be notified by email when it's released. This is the only newsletter that does all of the announcements from Spiritual Answers and Solutions com.
These stickers are fabulous for any Animal Reiki Attunement certificates or for your fliers and ads. They're super cute! They work with any application or photoshop program. Enjoy! 61 pages
These coaching sessions are a combination of class instruction and a psychic reading. They help you fine-tune your abilities and 'check in/on' how your work is going. If you have any questions these sessions will help you tremendously.
This 95 page set is a great way to get yourself into the habit of using your affirmations and journaling. These are the same as the other Listening to your Emotions Sets. Each are a little different. The affirmations are the same. Enjoy!
These are all of the forms and instructions you'll need if you sign up for one or more of our coaching programs. Enjoy!
This class is so helpful in regular, everyday life. communicating mind to mind is so much easier than yelling or searching for someone. You [simply] tell them in your mind to come see you and ... Voila! They show up. Yay! Easy Peasy.
Wouldn't be nice to invite someone over by 'just' thinking about it? That's what this class teaches you. You'll 'call' that person in your mind and 'send' them a mental invitation. If you want someone to visit you or want some company this is a fabulous
Making Change Easy (The Complete Set): This set comes with an audio download and a fabulous journaling and affirmation set. It's everything you need for any transition in any aspect of your life. Enjoy!
What if the key every business dealing was confidence? Imagine what you could accomplish with an oomph of confidence? That's what this session does. You'll be confident and focused. You'll hold your goals in your mind and radiate self assurance.
You can do whatever you set your mind to! Turn your fears into motivation and a feeling of accomplishment! If you've found that you talk yourself out of things that you need to do, this may just be what you need to keep you on track!
This class is great anytime you want someone to contact you. It's great for people that you know or anyone that you don't! You'll learn how to send them a message to contact you and leave it up to them how they can do it. (This is great for companies,
This class is great for focusing on using your creation Light and getting questions answered, problems solved and new ideas. You'll be reminded of how powerful your Light is and what you can do! It's wonderful. Fill out your worksheets :)
Large Text What's the Message? Listening to your Emotions Sun and Stars Affirmations! This eBook has one set of well-centered, clear affirmation images in dark, large font. They're super easy to read! 32pgs
This class helps you to direct your energy to where you want it to go. It's specific to your needs and goals. This is great for manifesting. Have Fun!
This is a great class if you get interrupted a lot or if you need some time and space. You'll learn how to let 'the whole world' know you're unavailable and move into a very comfortable state to take a little break.
Sometimes we all need a bit of guidance. Everything in here works... The key is to figure out what you need. You'll get your questions answered and get a list of what to listen to to keep you on track with all of your goals.
If you like manifesting, positive thinking and being, Spiritual and psychic stuff, you'll love all of the eCourses we offer. You'll get a brief audio description when you check-out this product. All of these classes are complete unto themselves. Enjoy!
This is a great download. It's a What's the Message [class] and Sleep Hypnosis all in one. You'll get the messages from yourself (and your body) of what you need and how to bring yourself into balance. The bonus, you'll 'just' start eliminating toxins..
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