This complimentary set explains the Let's Chat Series and the best way to use the downloads. It's super short (4 minutes). It comes with directions in a .jpeg and audio/video instructions. Enjoy!
If you're doing any manifesting, at all, take this course. You can use it every time you set a new goal or manifestation. It will help you fine-tune what you're creating, check your goals (and your future/futures) and get any questions answered.
This session brings you back to now and helps you if you have a tendency to work yourself into a state of stress or panic. Anyone that has ever felt that dread/panic feeling about ____ knows how important it is to stop it before it becomes reality.
What if the key every business dealing was confidence? Imagine what you could accomplish with an oomph of confidence? That's what this session does. You'll be confident and focused. You'll hold your goals in your mind and radiate self assurance.
You can do whatever you set your mind to! Turn your fears into motivation and a feeling of accomplishment! If you've found that you talk yourself out of things that you need to do, this may just be what you need to keep you on track!
You can do whatever you put your mind to. This helps you make the decisions that are right for you, increases your motivation and confidence. You'll feel great about every step that you take and use them as motivation to keep going and/or keep trying.
Sometimes we need a little bit of help. This download tunes you back in-to Spirit and focuses your mind (and life) on accepting help from the Universe. You'll sooth any angst and fill yourself with the trust that you desire. Plus, there's time for you...
This is an Instant Keep It Together session. You'll calm yourself down, stay steady in the moment and put everything away for later. This is great for anytime you feel like you're going to lose it.
Everyday is a new day and this session keeps you on track and gives the encouragement that you need. It's great for when you're trying to create new habits (or change old ones!) or if you have a tendency of being hard on yourself.
This is a great session to get you in the mood to get whatever it is done. You'll remind yourself that you CAN do whatever it is that you need to. You can use this for anything that you want to from that big project to running errand to that important ...
Make your day what you want it to be! This short session teaches you how to focus your mind, talk yourself into having an amazing day, and to expect the very best today! It's your day! Make the very best of it!
This is great to get you in a positive mind frame, feel in control and make today an easy day. You choose what you want everyday to be like~ this helps you keep yourself in the powerful feeling. You'll automatically take the steps you need to to make...
This is a fabulous set if you ever get stressed in the middle of any conversation or meeting. You get two downloads that help you change your programming and increase your confidence. Keeping any conversation going has never been so easy!
Take a time out! This can do wonders for you if you've a difficult time talking yourself out of spreading grumpy or unhappy energy around. It's a short session for you to be able to talk yourself out of that habit/behavior.
This session programs you to be a fabulous and confident presenter. You can use this for anything that you need to be in front of people. Whether you're training, explaining or sharing, this works wonders. The best part, you'll do it automatically!
This download sets you up for any psychic work you're doing. You may use it alone or with anything else that you're doing. It's super short (8 min) so that you can fit it in any time that you need it.
Get yourself on track~Now. There's nothing worse than knowing you need to do things and can't get yourself to do it. You'll have a short chat with yourself to motivate, organize and put everything aside until you get what you need done~done.
If you get wound up, this session works wonders! In ten minutes you'll be focused, calm and clear minded. It's fabulous for anytime you feel that rush of stress. This session comes with the Let's Chat Series Visualization to set what you want in place.
This wonderfully short download (12 minutes) teaches you how to relax yourself in any situation. If you were curious about how the Let's Chat Series works, this is a great way to find out! Happy Relaxing!
$0.00 $9.95
This set is great for anyone who has a tendency to procrastinate, put things off or talks themselves out of getting things done. If you can justify [to yourself] that it doesn't matter if you get things done or not~this set can change your life.
If you have trouble get upset quickly or acting out, this is wonderful. Sometimes things are not what they seem... You'll be able to sort everything out later and act on it~or not. This session gives power and choices. You are in control of you.
This is an eight minute cool down download. Use this anytime you feel like you're going to loose your mind (or temper lol). You'll calm down, finish the task at hand and reevaluate it later. Happy Keeping It Together!
This session is so valuable if you're working on trusting yourself. Use it for getting angst about doing what 'your gut' tells you, to eliminate worry, and remind yourself that by trusting yourself you are more powerful and confident in every situation.
Enjoy your life without worrying that someone can ruin your mood! If you've had a hard time in the past of getting yourself together in the moment, this may be just what you need! This session is a 10 minute change your mood to the rescue download!
Enjoy every holiday with out worrying about anyone upsetting you! And, if they do- now you have a 10 minute change your mood to the rescue download!
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